Programme outcomes

M.Sc./M. A. (Mathematics)

Students of M. Sc. /M. A. (Mathematics) degree Programme of Mumbai University at the time of graduation will be able to

  1. Applications of Mathematics: Take a job in Teaching, financial institutes / Institutions , Insurance sectors, engineering sector as Students are given courses in Algebra, Real and Complex Analysis, Differential Geometry, Probability, Statistics, Partial differential equations, Numerical Analysis, Optimization which have application in these sectors / industries.
  2. Problem Analysis: Identify, formulate problems encountering while working and in life and apply mathematical knowledge to solve the problems.
  3. Formulate the solution: Obtain solution of complex mathematical problems.
  4. Independent working and team work: Work independently as well as in team for a solution of a problem.
  5. Communication: Communicate effectively over a problem and explain solutions.
  6. Life-long learning: Independently learn new topics, acquire knowledge and apply for betterment of individual and society.
  7. Independent Thinking: Should able to independently think over a problem and make efforts towards solution.
  8. Advanced Learning: Prepare for NET-JRF /SET/GATE examinations conducted by UGC and other competent state and central government agencies for Lecturership , Lecturership / JRF and for research in higher learning institutions in India and abroad as well.