About the Department of Mathematics

The University Department of Mathematics was started in the year 1963 under the Headship of Professor Shrikhande, an eminent mathematician of India. In the subsequent year, the Department was recognised as the Centre of Advanced Study in Mathematics by the University Grants Commission. The Department continued as the Centre of Advanced Study for the complete term of 25 years upto 1999.

The Department has been recognised by the Department of Science and technology as 'DST-FIST sponsored Department' for five years from the year 2002 to receive funds for improving infrastructure. The computer lab has been upgraded and equipped with latest mathematical softwares. Now the Department has about twenty computers spread over two LANs with internet facilities.

The broad areas of specialisation of the faculty are Algebra, Analysis, Combinatorics, Geometry, and Number Theory.

The Department conducts courses for a two year post-graduation M.A./M.Sc. in Mathematics and one year course work for M.Phil. degree, in addition to research programmes leading to M.Sc. by research, Ph.D. degree.

The faculty interacts with various national and international bodies, research centres and Universities in the capacity of organisers, thesis examiners, editors, referees and reviewers for research journals in Mathematics in addition to participating and lecturing in conferences.

The computer lab is used by faculty members, M.Phil. and Ph.D. students, and also by the M. Sc. Part II students for their optional courses.

The Department offers a Reading room for M.Sc. students along with borrowing facility for mathematical text books. The reading Room and Library are maintained by the voluntary support of the students and the faculty.